Friday, 17 July 2009

Butterfly Garden @ Hort Park

Don't know what to say...
Butterffly on top: lime butterfly
Butterfly at the bottom: common tiger...

Friday, 10 July 2009

Wildlife at Pulau Bintan

Hi, I'm back, sorry that I haven't posted in almost
2 months, and about the missing pics.( This time
I'll really do something about it.) Well. For the
June Holidays, I went to the Bintan island resort.
I'm not going to talk about my trip, but instead,
the wildlife there. One butterfly that is ought to
be seen is the tawny coster. It is very common and
striking. ( below )

Another common butterfly is the blue pansy. It's
often fluttering around the dry grass, where it almost
disappears when it lands since it often closes its
wings, showing a drab underside. I managed to get
this upperside shot. ( below )
I also spotted this snake. ( please give me its ID
in the comments for this post. )
Lesser and pygmy grass blues are always seen
sunning in the hot morning sun.( they don't sunbathe
when it's raining, obviously )
Jellyfish are also very abundant, in the waters of
Bintan. Luckily I have been stung. I took a video
of this cute jellyfish I found. ( Warning: my video
taking skills are bad, so you might get a little
giddy while watching this )
In the morning, you'll see thousands of little
crabs scuttling across the beach. Here's
one of them.
Bintan also has beautiful orange sunsets.
Like this one,

and this one.

Well bye for now!