Saturday, 23 January 2010


Ahh! It was the weekend again. That meant I could go
the fab DFNP! This time I got way better pics. Ok, we got there about
quarter to three, the usual chocolate grass yellows greeted us as we entered.
Walked for a while... There were many butterflies around, like the Malayan
lascar, common caerulean and the lance sergeant. At a grassy clearing,
a flash of bright orange caught my eye. Went to check it out, and it
turned out to be a yamfly. Hope you like my photo of the champ!

Then a reddish thing glided in front of me as if to say oi! Hello? The
'thing' turned out to be a Malay lacewing. It was quite far when I shot
this photo.
At the muddy area, a common bluebottle came charging at us.
This time I got a really good shot.

The common hedge blue came down to play.
Outside the Wallace Education centre, a male branded imperial
(think it's a male coz the forewing is pointed) came down. Notice a
parasitic mite on the palpus.

Well, we were heading home when a psyche fluttered around us.
I thought it wouldn't but it came down to take a rest.
So that is the end of this post.
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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Back to the old haunt - SBG

I had been waiting to go out somewhere for the entire week and finally,
we could. Since my sister wasn't feeling to good, we didn't go to
the absolutely fab DFNP. Instead, I suggested we go to the old
haunt - the SBG. We had lunch at the new food court there, and
then went off. The first insect I saw was the male dawn dropwing.

We walked and walked but I didn't spot anything interesting.
That was until I entered the ginger garden, Where I found this
common palmfly waiting for me.

True to its name, the palmfly is very common.
There were a few awls and lycaenids along the way however they
did not let me get a shot of them as they were way too skittish.
It was only on the way back did I see some beautiful butts.
The leopard came to feed on some prickly lantana and I had my
camera ready.

Last but not least, the familiar chocolate pansy came to feed on
a single lantana. Its wings were open as if to sunbathe even though
the butterfly was in the shade.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had enjoyed typing it.
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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Oh no!

Just to let all readers know that I will be posting like once one or
two weeks coz' I have school. SORRY!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Jurong Bird Park

I was at the bird park yesterday. It was free, as my father had some
admission thingie. Anyway, since I'm not in the mood for typing out a
long winded story, I'll just show you some of my nicer pictures.
Below is a superb starling from the African waterfall flight aviary.

Another beautiful bird, the blue streaked lory from the noisy
lory loft.

Far away from all the noise, I shot a portrait of this quiet little
Nearby at the ibises (which smelt really bad) This rufous night
heron came right op to my camera.

This scarlet ibis had just caught a fish at the same area.

Over at the royal ramble, this common crowned pigeon was tame
enough to let me get up close to snap a shot.
A beautiful lesser bird of paradise at the window on paradise exhibition
was resting after a tiring but splendid display.
My favourite shot of the trip, a spangled cotinga at the jungle jewels
flight aviary.

Oh my, did you enjoy the shots? Whether or not, it's going to be the
end of this post so I thought it would be nice to en off with this
majestic grey heron.

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Friday, 8 January 2010

Common bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon luctatius)

I just completed my latest painting, of two male common bluebottles
puddling at a sandy area. If you ever try painting a good bluebottle,
you will realise it's no easy task. Anyway, here it is.

I hope you think it's nice, so please do comment!

Oh, I haven't forgotten, so has anyone been eating avocados?

Monday, 4 January 2010

First day of School!

Oh dear! Today was the first day of school! Now I'm primary 5.
They say p5 is very hard! What if I get a lot of homework? What
if the homework is very hard? What if my teachers are very strict?
( I haven't met all my teachers yet. )What if I cant go for any more
butterfly trips. Hey wait! That reminds me my mother is thinking of
signing me up for the nature society! Well only thinking of doing
that. Apart from that, there isn't much on the bright side.


p.s. : Now my sister is secondary 1, even more to worry......

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing all readers a very happy New Year!

The DFNP ( I know, again. )

This was the last butterfly trip before school starts for me, I must
say I enjoyed it, and I hope you will enjoy reading this post. We got
there at 11 am it was unusually quiet, apart from the joggers. Yes there
were a lot of joggers. The only butterfly I saw was the psyche, which
when it did come to land, was immediately disturbed into flight by the
joggers. My mother pointed this crimson sunbird out, spot it!

We walked and walked, and walked and walked ..............
until we got to the 'muddy patch'. A few meters before it I
saw a common hedge blue, puddling on a dead centipede.
I also met KC Tsang at that spot. The cheeky fellow first went
on my toes, then checked out KC's camera!

At the muddy patch I spotted this plain nawab high up in a tree.

On the muddy area, I found a elbowed pierrot puddling.
It kept flying off as we tried to photograph it. Here's KC shooting
the elbowed pierrot, well trying!

I don't know about his, but this was my shot of the pierrot.

Nearby I was taking a little rest when this Malay viscount came
onto a fruit right next to me. Here's the result.

Then a common bluebottle( the butterfly I name my blog after ),
came charging towards the mud. I had never seen a bluebottle so
well before. It did not settle so it was hard to approach and shoot.
This was all I got.
I had to for lunch so I left the DFNP. When we did come back, it
was all ready 4.10pm. Just when we arrived another common
bluebottle flying rapidly around the leea indica flowers greeted me
as entered.

Now for the photo of the post, a female branded imperial perched
on a smilax bracteata plant. If you like it, please comment.

It was 5 by now and the butterflies were all going deeper into the
forest, except for this common caerulean.
Well that is the end of this post, with special thanks to my mother
and sister, and KC Tsang and Amy.
( all this happened yesterday )