Saturday, 16 January 2010

Back to the old haunt - SBG

I had been waiting to go out somewhere for the entire week and finally,
we could. Since my sister wasn't feeling to good, we didn't go to
the absolutely fab DFNP. Instead, I suggested we go to the old
haunt - the SBG. We had lunch at the new food court there, and
then went off. The first insect I saw was the male dawn dropwing.

We walked and walked but I didn't spot anything interesting.
That was until I entered the ginger garden, Where I found this
common palmfly waiting for me.

True to its name, the palmfly is very common.
There were a few awls and lycaenids along the way however they
did not let me get a shot of them as they were way too skittish.
It was only on the way back did I see some beautiful butts.
The leopard came to feed on some prickly lantana and I had my
camera ready.

Last but not least, the familiar chocolate pansy came to feed on
a single lantana. Its wings were open as if to sunbathe even though
the butterfly was in the shade.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had enjoyed typing it.
Please comment.

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