Saturday, 23 January 2010


Ahh! It was the weekend again. That meant I could go
the fab DFNP! This time I got way better pics. Ok, we got there about
quarter to three, the usual chocolate grass yellows greeted us as we entered.
Walked for a while... There were many butterflies around, like the Malayan
lascar, common caerulean and the lance sergeant. At a grassy clearing,
a flash of bright orange caught my eye. Went to check it out, and it
turned out to be a yamfly. Hope you like my photo of the champ!

Then a reddish thing glided in front of me as if to say oi! Hello? The
'thing' turned out to be a Malay lacewing. It was quite far when I shot
this photo.
At the muddy area, a common bluebottle came charging at us.
This time I got a really good shot.

The common hedge blue came down to play.
Outside the Wallace Education centre, a male branded imperial
(think it's a male coz the forewing is pointed) came down. Notice a
parasitic mite on the palpus.

Well, we were heading home when a psyche fluttered around us.
I thought it wouldn't but it came down to take a rest.
So that is the end of this post.
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  1. Wowo... Crisp clear shots... Do you use a zoom lens to shoot these butterflies or just a basic 18-55?

  2. Nope. Just use a basic 18-55. That's the fun part! If I have such a long focal length, I won't have to approach the butts. Getting close is challenging, but seems more worth it.

  3. Went to DFNP yesterday but did not see muddy area outside Wallace Education Center. Which part is that? I like the Branded Imperial shot a lot.

  4. Near the wallace centre, there is a rocky road leading to a forest.(downhill one)Just infront of the forest is the muddy patch, however it may have been a little dry the time you went.