Saturday, 2 January 2010

The DFNP ( I know, again. )

This was the last butterfly trip before school starts for me, I must
say I enjoyed it, and I hope you will enjoy reading this post. We got
there at 11 am it was unusually quiet, apart from the joggers. Yes there
were a lot of joggers. The only butterfly I saw was the psyche, which
when it did come to land, was immediately disturbed into flight by the
joggers. My mother pointed this crimson sunbird out, spot it!

We walked and walked, and walked and walked ..............
until we got to the 'muddy patch'. A few meters before it I
saw a common hedge blue, puddling on a dead centipede.
I also met KC Tsang at that spot. The cheeky fellow first went
on my toes, then checked out KC's camera!

At the muddy patch I spotted this plain nawab high up in a tree.

On the muddy area, I found a elbowed pierrot puddling.
It kept flying off as we tried to photograph it. Here's KC shooting
the elbowed pierrot, well trying!

I don't know about his, but this was my shot of the pierrot.

Nearby I was taking a little rest when this Malay viscount came
onto a fruit right next to me. Here's the result.

Then a common bluebottle( the butterfly I name my blog after ),
came charging towards the mud. I had never seen a bluebottle so
well before. It did not settle so it was hard to approach and shoot.
This was all I got.
I had to for lunch so I left the DFNP. When we did come back, it
was all ready 4.10pm. Just when we arrived another common
bluebottle flying rapidly around the leea indica flowers greeted me
as entered.

Now for the photo of the post, a female branded imperial perched
on a smilax bracteata plant. If you like it, please comment.

It was 5 by now and the butterflies were all going deeper into the
forest, except for this common caerulean.
Well that is the end of this post, with special thanks to my mother
and sister, and KC Tsang and Amy.
( all this happened yesterday )

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