Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Jurong Bird Park

On Saturday, 21 of August, we went to the JBP.
We didn't have very much time as it was already 3.30 pm
when we arrived. Anyway, here is the toco toucan. His
bill is really amazing.

The scarlet ibis enclosure had the usual smell - yuck!
But I managed to go inside to grab a few shots. The ibises
look healthy, and the cormorants there were breeding

At the Bird of Paradise, we were really lucky. It was
the first time we spotted the tiny king bird of paradise.
The female was even had a nest! Here she is, taking
a break from incubating her eggs.
The male was spectacular - even brighter and poppy
than the images I have seen of it. It was so fast, like
a flash of red, darting through the trees. His tail was also
very attractive, short, with two very long wire extensions
with a green disc at the tips. I wasn't able to get a good shot.

We also saw the twelve-wired b.o.p., one male and many
females. For the first time, I got up close with one.
This is a female.

The lory loft was noisy, full of screaming and screeching.
It is our usual stopover, to have ice cream ( me )
and coffee ( my mum ). Guess this guy is having his
'coffee' too!
At the birds of prey, good shots came easily as all
of them were big and still. Here is a large raptor, the
bald eagle.

Birds at the jungle jewels are usually hard to spot,
and even harder to shoot, as they are mostly tiny
and quick. The pic right at the top shows a female red
legged honeycreeper, and the shot below shows a yellow
hooded blackbird.

When we got to the African aviary, it was already
nearing 6 pm. This is the close-up of a vulturine
guineafowl. Stunning isn't it?
At one of the lookout points, I was surprised how tame
this purple-headed glossy starling was. It is often
the first to fly off. His yellow eye really stands out against
the dark head.

Oh well, I think that's about it.
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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Long-Tailed Broadbill

Ah, I am finally back with my latest painting,
featuring a long tailed broadbill. This bird, along
with the other broadbills, have disappeared from
S'pore during the period when S'pore was developing.

It is painted with the tree syzygium zeylancium. It
has lovely white flowers, and two of these can be found
near the visitor centre of BTNR. That is the reason
I chose this tree. I complemented the painting with a
little butterfly, called the glistening caerulean, jamides
elpis pseudelpis. The jamides butterflies do drink from
syzygium flowers, and their uppersides are of a spectacular
blue. I just put a flash of it here as they do not often
open their wings.

Hope you like it.
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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Acacia Blue

Yesterday was really overcast and even rained a
bit. Well there was something to brighten things
up. At Mount Faber, when we were looking around,
I spotted this lovely butterfly - the acacia blue.
It was the third time that I had seen this beauty.

It is rather rare in Singapore, and can only be found
in the areas that its host plant, albizia falcata, is
found. It also opened his wings for me. What a spectacular

Just to give you a hint on how small it actually is......

The end,
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