Thursday, 31 December 2009

Yet another butterfly trip to the DFNP

Haha, seems I've been going back to back to DFNP, which
is a good spot for butterflies. This time, finding the butts
was easier, thanks to KC Tsang, someone who posts on the
Bird Ecology Study Group, and his wife. They're suddenly
interested in butts. So moving along, The first interesting thing
I saw was these moth caterpillars on bird's nest fern.

There were a few common bluebottles and tailed jays flying
around the leea indica trees, which were far away so I
couldn't get a shot. There were a few yamfly butts as we moved

At the muddy patch where cruisers and bluebottles
favour, we saw common mormons puddling restlessly and
a mating pair of Malayan eggfly, underneath a leaf.
And on a really grassy area much further on a small
skipper I cant identify. So, if anyone knows what it is, please

It was already 5pm when we got out of the trail. We were a bit
tired, and the butterflies seemed tired too. Just like this male common
mormon puddling at the beginning where we started.

To end off this post, a male common palmfly feeding on
Singapore rhododendron fruits.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

DFNP again

I was back at DFNP looking for some butterflies. So this post
isn't so much a story to tell, but a collection of some lovely

The Chocolate grass yellow puddling on a damp wall.

A rare Acacia blue perched on the leaf of its host plant.

A Nacaduba calauria malayica puddling after the rain.

A Yamfly opening its wings slightly showing the vermilion

Lastly, a female common mime in flight.

Here I've listed all the butterflies seen on my trip.(most couldn't
be photographed)
. chocolate grass yellow
. chocolate pansy
. peacock pansy
. common grass yellow
. psyche
. autumn leaf
. jacintha eggfly
. common palmfly
. pointed palmfly
. long brand bush brown
. common five ring
. common four ring
. abisara geza niya
. acacia blue
. nacaduba calauria malayica
. common imperial
. branded imperial
. common caerulean
. dingy line blue
. lesser grass blue
. bigg's brownie
. banded demon
. chestnut bob
. yellow vein lancer
. grass demon
. potanthus trachala tyteri
. common mime
. common mormon
Well that's the end of this post!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry this is a bit late but MERRY CHRISTMAS! To all the
readers of this blog. Below is your Christmas card.

Ho Ho ho

Friday, 4 December 2009



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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Photo of Today

It's the The Photo of the day post again! This time, the post
features a common lycaenid called the cycad blue. This newly
eclosed female butterfly has got crumpled wings. This
was sadly caused by human disturbance forcing the insect that
was drying its wings, to tumble to the ground.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A common mormon and a palm bob

I was at my Grandmother's place a bit earlier and it rained quite
heavily. It was just after the rain had stopped when I spotted
this female Common Mormon flying about the bougainvilleas.
It was hard to photograph as it kept on flying and did not land.
Well, I only got one good shot, so here it is.

It was yesterday that I shot the palm bob. I was walking with
my mother to a playground in hopes of finding common Mormons,
but instead, I found this Palm Bob on the surrounding foliage.

I hope you liked the photos, and please comment.