Sunday, 27 December 2009

DFNP again

I was back at DFNP looking for some butterflies. So this post
isn't so much a story to tell, but a collection of some lovely

The Chocolate grass yellow puddling on a damp wall.

A rare Acacia blue perched on the leaf of its host plant.

A Nacaduba calauria malayica puddling after the rain.

A Yamfly opening its wings slightly showing the vermilion

Lastly, a female common mime in flight.

Here I've listed all the butterflies seen on my trip.(most couldn't
be photographed)
. chocolate grass yellow
. chocolate pansy
. peacock pansy
. common grass yellow
. psyche
. autumn leaf
. jacintha eggfly
. common palmfly
. pointed palmfly
. long brand bush brown
. common five ring
. common four ring
. abisara geza niya
. acacia blue
. nacaduba calauria malayica
. common imperial
. branded imperial
. common caerulean
. dingy line blue
. lesser grass blue
. bigg's brownie
. banded demon
. chestnut bob
. yellow vein lancer
. grass demon
. potanthus trachala tyteri
. common mime
. common mormon
Well that's the end of this post!

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