Sunday, 10 January 2010

Jurong Bird Park

I was at the bird park yesterday. It was free, as my father had some
admission thingie. Anyway, since I'm not in the mood for typing out a
long winded story, I'll just show you some of my nicer pictures.
Below is a superb starling from the African waterfall flight aviary.

Another beautiful bird, the blue streaked lory from the noisy
lory loft.

Far away from all the noise, I shot a portrait of this quiet little
Nearby at the ibises (which smelt really bad) This rufous night
heron came right op to my camera.

This scarlet ibis had just caught a fish at the same area.

Over at the royal ramble, this common crowned pigeon was tame
enough to let me get up close to snap a shot.
A beautiful lesser bird of paradise at the window on paradise exhibition
was resting after a tiring but splendid display.
My favourite shot of the trip, a spangled cotinga at the jungle jewels
flight aviary.

Oh my, did you enjoy the shots? Whether or not, it's going to be the
end of this post so I thought it would be nice to en off with this
majestic grey heron.

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  1. Fantastic Shots... You really are making good use of your new dslr...