Sunday, 19 December 2010

DFNP 18/12/2010

On Saturday, 18th of December, we went to DFNP.
It was a rather quiet morning at first, but as it got later,
the sun came out, and so did the butterflies. The Malayan
eggfly, dark glassy tiger and striped blue crow all came down
but didn't stay long. Then the moderately rare large snow flat
came out from beneath the leaves to sun.

At the damp wood chippings patch, I managed to get
some puddlers. The common bluebottle was the first
to come, but it did not settle fully and was difficult to shoot.
It only stayed puddling for a few seconds before moving
to another spot. Here is my best shot of it.

At the edge of the damp area, this elbowed pierrot
was puddling too. I spent over 45 mins trying to get a
nice pic of it. Also pretty hard as there was a trail of biting
ants next to me! But it was all well paid off. Here is my very
own pristine copy of the elbowed pierrot.

There were also many line blues in that area, mostly
tailless line blues. They are small and common butterflies,
often seen puddling. Here is my shot. ( tailless line blue )

Well that's all for today, it was definitely a fruitful trip.

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

My New T180

Yippeee Yoo! My dad just bought me a new lens,
the Tamron macro 180. It's really nice. Anyway, I'll
share some shots using it. This is some kind of Mycalesis.

I love the background that it gives! The 180mm focal
length also helps me get the butterflies higher up, like this
rare ultra snow flat, feeding on the pagoda flower.

It's also great for shooting puddlers. Look at the
result! This one is a common hedge blue.
Here are more puddlers. Oh, by the way, from here
the shots are from Cameron Highlands, we went there
for a holiday. Here is a singleton.

This is a common nawab, also not found in Singapore.

This is the autumn leaf, it can be found in Singapore,
where it is common.

Well that's about it, so hope u enjoyed the pics.
The End and please comment.