Monday, 14 June 2010

Hortpark 13.6.2010 with BC

Wow! I thought it would rain that morning. But
of course, it didn't. Never fails. Whenever I have an
outing with some members of Butterfly Circle, the
weather is always perfect. Here, great news. We
were releasing some native butts! When I opened
the lid of the box, most of the emigrants flew off.
Leaving a few leopard lacewings. This one was very
tame. it crawled onto my finger.

Later on, Anthony propped him up on a leaf so he
could rest... and so could photograph him! Here are
my best shots of the handsome fella.

This one was taken from the other side. I hope it
is as nice. =) ( second fav. )

After the shooting in the hot sun, Anthony specially
opened the butterfly enclosure for us. Thanks!
There were many Taiwanese tree nymphs gliding
around. Really big!

Now here is one butterfly that went extinct in S'pore
during the time S'pore began to develop. We can still
find it in the enclosure! ( Sorry for tattered specimen )

Back at the floral walk, there were still lots of
lemon emigrants. They are very skittish, and hard
to shoot. This was the best I could get. I know the
hindwing is burr. *embarrassed*

Finally, at the car park, I managed a record shot
of what I think is the male striped blue crow.

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