Monday, 26 July 2010

USR breakout!

Finally!!! The weather has been so terrible that I couldn't
go out for a month! Well, the 24th of July, we went
to USR! Even though I didn't stay too long, I had a great
day, as there were not one but a few rare butts spotted.
So, this is my story. When I was walking through the
rusty trail to the redflash patch, I saw this common faun.

I was rather lucky as fauns usually rest only on dried
leaves. And true to its name, they are pretty common
in the forested areas of Singapore. Not long after,
this pristine branded imperial landed on a leaf nearby.

Earlier on, I mentioned the redflash patch. Ahh,
that is what I call this opening in the forest,
near the water. It is where I first saw the common
red flash. This time there seemed to be nothing
except the common hedge blue.

He even opened his wings for me! Now that is
something new.

Just round the corner, I spotted a pair of grey wings.
It was the white royal!!! It is a very rare butterfly in
S'pore. Boy I was just so excited when I saw it.
After seeing our royal highness, a black veined tiger
swooped by. Another rare catch! They look similar to
the white morph of common tigers, but have a thicker
Wow, I was really fortunate. I guess this could
make up for that month of boredom.
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  1. Lovely pictures for a lovely day out! USR again next weekend?

  2. Yeah, if there is time! Interview remember?