Monday, 20 September 2010

Upper Seletar Reservoir - A butterfly paradise

Yesterday, I went back to Upper Seletar Reservoir, (USR).
That place is really amazing. I wish I lived there. And best
of all, it is truly a butterfly paradise. In fact, generations of
certain species have been living there. This time, I did not
manage to shoot a dbjg, but I met Uncle Cher Hern there
and got this rather skittish male baron.

There is a strange green gloss on its wings, but still
definitely a baron. The next butterfly we saw was the
Malayan lascar. This orange gem is quite hard to
shoot, but nonetheless worth the effort. This shot
shows a female on its caterpillar host plant.

While searching for the tree flitter, I chanced upon
this chestnut bob resting on a blade of cow grass.
Moving along, we walked to a clearing in the forest,
with long grasses and wild ferns. We were checking out
a bush when the rare green oakblue flew into sight.
Its underside is similar to most other arhopalas (oakblues),
but its upperside is green instead of violet.

The butterfly we saw next was really we had been
waiting for. It a the rare, and sought after lycaenid,
the Semanga Superba Deliciosa. We call it the Semanga
for short. This is the first time I saw this beauty, and I
was really really exited. It is a female, and here it is.

The semanga is really tiny, smaller than a S 10 cent coin,
with a lovely purple upperside. The underside, a shown,
is buff with a beautiful pattern on the hind wing. The male
is darker, and has only two pairs of tails. After she flew away,
we took turns to shoot this common three ring.

The poor butterfly had a parasitic mite on its eye.
(The red thing) Feeding on one of the ripe fruits of a
S'pore rhododendron bush was a horsefields baron male.
I managed to get an underside shot. The upperside is black
with a blue edge.

The last butterfly we saw was the spectacular great helen,
it is the largest helen in S'pore and is also our second
largest butterfly. This one is a female.

Well, I guess that is all for today.
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