Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rifle Range again

Today Uncle Khew brought me back to Rifle Range.
Mark and Ms CJ tagged along. The weather was
not favourable, and it was windy and overcast. But it was
just a matter of time before the sun, and the butterflies came
out. There were many blue Jays flying speedily around.
After a few hopeless attempts to shoot the cruizers
and the magpie crows, I decided to check out what else
was flying. To my surprise, a blue helen had come down
to puddle! The blue helen is a rare swallowtail. This was the
first time I actually got to shoot it.
The helen got us all very excited. When it had enough
of feeding and flew off, the magpie crows stayed to tease us.
They were way too skittish for me to shoot. Instead, I settled
for this uncommon pointed ciliate blue.
It was quite a good day out, I must say. That's
all I have to show.

The end.

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