Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hot morning at Eco Green

It was a while since I last went out for a nice butterfly outing,
so I decided to tag along with Uncle Khew and a few others
for a short visit to Tampines Eco Green. Our target: Singapore's
two silverline species. And our trip was successful! I went
home with shots of both our lovely spindasis butterflies. This
is the more common one, the Long banded silverline.

This male was feeding happily on the showy leea rubra
flowers, planted there for landscaping. He was sooo tame
and let us shoot from different angles. The second species,
the club silverline, usually has black bands on the underside,
instead of brick-red. The real difference lies in the forewing
basal streak (the little band at the base of the forewing). Club
silverline has its basal streak shaped like a club!

I only spotted two club silverlines though, compared
to the numerous long banded ones. They have established
themselves there, as the caterpillar host plant, acacia
auriculiformis grows abundantly. The plain tigers were also out in full force, and their graceful flight and bright colours made them attractive to watch.

It was a very fun outing on the whole, even though I was
baking in the sun. I was overcooked. I am glad to have
finally nailed my two silverlines.

The End.

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