Friday, 9 August 2013

Narrow Spark

Happy National Day to all of my Singaporean readers! (and happy 
48th birthday Singapore too) What better way was there to celebrate
this special day than to go out and hunt for butterflies? While the skies
were clear (yes, only in the morning), the butterflies didn't seem to
want to celebrate with me. However, I finally settled my score
with a certain old friend.

That would be the Narrow Spark. Two years ago, when I first saw 
this butterfly deep in the bowels of the Central Catchment forest, 
returned every weekend in hopes of getting a shot. Every time I 
ended up with shots like these.

The Narrow Spark was not documented by the early researchers and 
was only recorded i Singapore in 1995. It is a small and fast flying 
lycaenid, found in the heavily shaded forests of the nature reserves. 
Being uncommon and rather local in distribution, it is a novelty to 
see. (well at least for me)

It lands on leaves usually at eye level, and rests with its wings 
folded upright, concealing the upperside; a dark oily blue overlaying
a brownish base colour. The hindwings are metallic indigo. These
colours usually only show up in good light; in the dim conditions they
are seen in, they often appear nondescript and black in flight.

The underside is a silvery grey with rusty shading towards the
apex of the forewing. There is a ochreous band that runs through
both wings, and a yellow-rimmed black spot on the hindwing that
resembles an eye. Not to mention the legs, strikingly banded in
white and black.

Meeting this fellow on National day was a treat. I have finally
settled my score with him! Very often, knowing a certain butterfly's
habits and habitats go a long way if you're trying to find it. So 
putting butterflies aside for a moment, let's put our hands up an


  1. Hi Jon! As promised, here I am :) Very nicely written posts and congratulations on finally "settling the score with your old friend". Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more updates on this blog :)


  2. Thanks so much for popping by! I'm glad you like it here. I'll definitely try to keep this place alive.