Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pasir Ris in Dodgy Weather

With that, I declare my streaming examinations over! Freedom.
Now that I have more time on my hands, I will resume to watering 
this place weekly. Today I had my batteries charged up but the
weather was not so enthusiastic. There were passing showers and 
drizzles, none of which kept the butterflies away. The Pasir Ris 
kitchen garden was looking brilliant and the usual suspects were
around. This is the ever common, Common tit.

There were plenty of Plain and Glassy tigers fluttering around
the bidens flowers, which almost seem to have invaded the 
garden. With so many flying around, it was difficult to isolate
just one to zoom in on. Here is a plain tiger.

The false dill plant was flowering too, Blue Glassy Tigers were
swarming around it. 

Flying around non-stop were the leopards. They seemed to
prefer feeding at the top of the string bushes, which were 
tall and looking great. The leopards are always skittish and
fly erratically. I managed to get a single shot amongst the multiple 
failed attempts.

It felt good to be back shooting. During the exam period, I
came down with an awful virus (was it dengue?). I had terrible
headaches, fevers and aches. Some nasty hives appeared all over
me too. Thankfully the storm has blown over and there are only
clear skies ahead. ;)


  1. Great pictures as ever Jonny. I am glad that you are back up and running. I look forward to seeing more pictures from your explorations.

  2. Thanks Nick. Always puts a smile on my face to read your comments.