Sunday, 11 May 2014

The New Butterfly Book!

A new book has been born! The latest addition to the family, 
Butterflies of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, was 
launched on Thursday, the 24th of April, at the iconic Gardens by 
The Bay.The book is absolutely beautiful. It was a very special 
moment for the butterfly scene over here!

The launch itself was invite-only but it was nice and informal, just
how I would've wanted it. Pansing Distribution generously ordered
for a buffet to grace the event too. After a few all but boring 
speeches, we lined up eagerly to get our copies signed. The company
was amazing. I also had the chance to meet nature legends like Ria 
Tan, Professor Peter Ng, the author himself, Dr Kirton and so many 
others. Here's me, overjoyed, with Dr Kirton!

(image courtesy of Mr Khew Sin Khoon)

The book, covering a total of 280 species from the three countries,
is a 'taster' to the fascinating butterflies from the region. The new
common names appointed in the book may spark a little controversy
but Dr Kirton gracefully justified his decisions during his speech.
The book boasts many lovely photographs, describtions on 
appearance, distribution, subspecies and habits, as well as 
interesting sections on butterfly ecology. It is the fourth book on the 
butterflies of Singapore. Here is my line-up. 

It's not an assumption to say that bird books outnumber butterfly 
ones heavily in the region and in the world too. This new book is not 
just a new reference; it's a symbol of the passion some people out 
there have for these flying jewels. Also, I am honoured to be one of 
the photo contributors to the book! Butterfly watching is growing in 
popularity. I think that it's great to have more butterfly books around
to fuel the growing number of 'butterfly people.

Here's a more detailed account of the event since mine's not the 
meatiest and this is the website for John Beaufoy Publishing.

Special thanks and acknowledgements to: John Beaufoy Publishing 
                                                              Dr Lawrence Kirton
                                                              Pansing Distribution Pte Ltd
                                                              Gardens by the Bay


  1. This sounds like a great new book. I see that it is available on Amazon in the UK already and it looks like it is very good value. You must be very proud to have some of your pictures in it. Well deserved!

  2. And it is! I think that the value is great too. Thanks Nick, I am very honoured to be a part of it. Of course I owe it all to my connection with ButterflyCircle. :)