Saturday, 7 February 2009

My visit to the Alexandra Hospital butterfly trail

Mycalesis visala phamis close-up

To see some wild butterflies, I visited the
Alexendra Hospital butterfly park. It used
to be filled with butterfly-attracting plants and flowers,
from a leasuch as prickly lantanas, ixoras and many other small, colourful
flowers. On my trip, I didn't bsee much lantanas and everything
seemed to be greenish. Now I'll tell you about my trip.
Just as I left the car, I started to notice lots of butterflies.
Like common grass yellows and peablues. Then, when I entered the trail, painted jezebels
fluttered around me and high up in the trees. Lots more common grass yelows
and skippers flitted around the plants. I even managed to get close up with a swallowtail
butterfly and an unidentified crow butterfly, and a birdwing.
Just as I thought things were not going to get any better, things got much better!
A Mycalesis visala phamis butterfly caught my eye. Really, it wasn't bothered by my
appearence, and it let me take a real close-up image of it!
After a long time, I felt tired so I headed off back home.

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