Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sinapore Zoo - Fragile Forest

Today, I was finally able to go to the Singapore Zoo.
I came to take lots of photos, and, of course,
too see some animals. the truth is, I actually wanted to come
to the zoo because of the Fragile Forest exhibit. In
the Fragile Forest, there are many butterflies, birds and
mammals. Taking photos here and there, I suddenly came to the
sign, ' Fragile Forest '. I was so excited. When I entered the
exhibit, there was this ' Frogs Matter ' thing that showed many different
types of frogs. Then, I got in to the ' real ' Fragile Forest. Wow!
The first thing I saw were leaves, leaves! Doesn't that sound interesting?
Well you can find leaves almost everywere in places like this.
A nicobar pigeon caught my eye.Then I saw a tree nymph butterfly
swooped into my face. feeling dissapointed that the tree nymph had flown away, I did
not notice that there were so many tree nymphs! these huge butterflies would heavily
flutter around you, and even though tree nymphs are so delicate, you might discribe
them as ' scary '. To date, there were about 14 tree nymphs in my veiw! then, I saw an unidentified butterfly, it was rather large and was not bothered by me going up so close to it.
It was brown with white borders on the underside and black with with similar white borders,
but with a few blue spots on the upperside. I also came up with a male great egg fly butterfly
displaying to a female. After an elabourate time with the tree nymphs, I finally exited
the biodome. I thought that it would be good if I lived just next to a place like
the Fragile Forest.

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