Sunday, 29 March 2009

Blue Winged Pitta !!!

I was taking a walk in the Singapore Botanic Garden's
Ginger Garden to look for butterflies. The Ginger Garden
is a major playground for sunbirds. ( below-olive-backed sunbird female )

A large butterfly swooped by and caught my eye.
I cut through the nearby restaurant, hoping to get a better
view of it. I soon lost sight of it but was diverted by a small
green bird in the dense undergrowth. I peered closer. It was
a PITTA!!! A BLUE-WINGED PITTA!! My first sighting of the
evasive bird! I could hardly contain my excitement. I wasted no time,
quickly snapping photographs. ( below-BLUE-WINGED PITTA !!! )

I kept shooting until the pitta wen't out of sight.
Nearby a family of rufous-tailed tailorbirds darted around
the thick bushes. I managed to get a shot of a juv. tailorbird ( below )
I headed home, still over exerted by that Blue-Winged Pitta.

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