Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Branded Imperial

Its been a long time since I've been to the Bukit
Batok Nature Park, so, on this special day, I went.
My! It was one the best days in my life! I had a
splendid lunch, an extremely satisfying dinner,
and between all that? Okay I forgot to tell you what
that special day was. It was the 30th of May,
which is the day before my birthday! Now, back
to work. Let's get to the point. Between those
superb meals, was an encounter. Yes an encounter
of the Branded Imperial. Here's the story.
Just walking in one of the trails in BBNP, looking
out for rare forest dependents. I looked very
carefully, and I spotted it! "It" was not a rare
butterfly, but it was the the first time seeing it.
It was the branded imperial. Oh, what a cutie.
Below is the male, feeding on plant sap.

Okay, here's a better shot.( below )This shot, seems
really better than those that I find in the forums,
and those people ( in the forums ) even have DSLRs!
Well, nothing to brag about.

The female was also feeding plant sap, just a little
lower on that same little shoot. I did not get any
good photos of the female, but here's one of them.

Wow, that was an spectacular insight! Well time
to go! I hope I'll see that cutie again.

p.s. : lenth of forewing of the branded imperial:18mm


  1. The female Branded Imperial was probably trying to lay eggs when you encountered it. That's the host plant, Smilax sp, that you shot it on. :)

  2. Thanks alot Commander! I do like the commander butterfly too! I've never seen it though. Anyway, how did u find out about me?

  3. Note to commander: pls follow my blog!

  4. Hi Jonathan. I'll drop by once in a while. How did I find out about you? Erm... that's cos you're using my photo as your avatar. :-p

  5. Ha! Yeah! I visit the Butterfly Circle very often. I reaaly like the new version of the photo checklist! You so ROCK Commander! Just asking how to find a common bluebottle. Many people say that it is common but I nevr had any luck with them.