Saturday, 16 May 2009

Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail again

So far, this is my BEST ever trip to the AHBT.
I have been waiting so long, and finally, my exams
are over, so I could visit this trail again. When I got
there, as usual, there was a birdwing and a few
common palmflies and chocolate pansies. This
trail, probably has all the species of bush browns.
I found this long branded bush brown, fluttering
around, unfortunately, its hindwing had been
badly chipped. ( below )

There were also roses ( the butterflies ), mormons,
yellows and blues. Here's the exciting part. I
finally entered the trail and headed strait to the
blue and dark glassy tiger's favourite flowering
bush. this is a close up of the blue glassy tiger
( below and not cropped, and my sister took it )
The tiger was clearly not bothered, as when a
tiger or a crow is disturbed, it would extrude a
pair of scent hairs that gives off a strong pungent
odour. While this one, did not. ( below: the tiger
with its wings open, showing a wingspan of 7cm )
the tiger was sure having a nice meal. Maybe it
was already drunk, as it did not feel me stroking
its hind leg !

Just then, a leopard came into view. It was feeding
on lantana. Isn't the leopard beautiful?
Now, butterflies love rotting fruit, especially
mango. It happened that a little bit further,
there were rotting mangoes covering the ground.
On each mango, there were at least three
butterflies. Too bad I scared them off before I
could get their photo. However, this dark branded
bush brown stayed on the mango. I thought that
was a good choice, as I would be happy getting its
photo, and it would be happy too as it could
enjoy some mango. ( below )
I saw many more butterflies, but that's the end of
my post......

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