Sunday, 10 May 2009

Pink necked green pigeons

After the incident of the extraordinary
large tailed nightjar, I thought that I had to go
to the SBG again. This time, there was nothing
to see. Walking in and along the forest trails,
nothing at all. Well, only a chocolate grass
yellow, and a pair of gloves; that is. So, there's
basically just foliage. The day went on, just walking
chasing lesser grass blues. It got late, yes,
so quickly. I could already see the sunset.
Just then, ( okay, all the action is here ) a
pink necked green pigeon male flew into a tree.
I wanted to end the day with some nice bird
pictures, so I went to investigate. There were
many pigeons in the tree. Image. ( below )
The birds were high up in the tree, so I zoomed
in; the reason for the images not being super sharp.

The male birds were displaying their tails to the
female ones. The display was even impressive to
me, as I did not know that they had so many tail
Well, it got dark so I left SBG, and headed home.

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