Monday, 4 May 2009

Common urban butterflies of S'pore( part 1 )

Even if you are not very observant, you'll
still have seen some butterflies. Here are
some of the more common urban butterflies
in Singapore.
1 Chocolate Pansy
The chocolate pansy is very abundant here
in S'pore, and is unmistakable. Its flight has
typical gliding flaps. This pansy is dark
brown below, and orange brown on the

upperside. Eye spots can be seen from both
top and below.
2 Lesser grass Blue
If you look carefully, you'll realise that
there are tiny things fluttering above the grass
at roadsides. They are lesser grass blues.

They are very small, so many people, even the
butterfly watchers just walk by them when they
have landed. These butterflies are extremely
common in S'pore, and also very widespread,
found in forest edge, wastelands, grasslands,
roadsides, gardens......................................................
3 Dark branded bush Brown
Although not many non-watchers, but this is
the butterfly that is always straying into car parks
and houses. It is the most common bush brown
in S'pore.

4 common palmfly

In flight this butterfly appears all black
except for the corners of the forewing
( upperside ), which is blue with white spots.
Another common one, found in urban as well
as forested areas.

( p.s. : the lengths of forewings of the
butterflies: (1):29mm,(2):11mm, (3):23mm,
(4):35mm )

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