Saturday, 2 May 2009

Large tailed Nightjar and Cycad blue

Yes, another visit to the SBG. Just walking around
a forested area, a yellow fluttered right in front of me.
Yellows? they are too common, and they rarely
land, so what? Well, this one looked like a chocolate
grass yellow, and the last time I came across one
of these I did not get a very nice image. So, I was
willing to follow it. The butterfly led to a tiny
clearing in the forest. Then the butterfly flew
deeper into the forest. I was so disappointed.
Okay when a butterfly does this, I know it is
leading me to something. So I looked everywhere,
but all I saw was soil and plants. Then I felt something
like an ant biting my foot so I looked down......
A large tailed Nightjar was sitting on the ground
rather close to my feet! ( below )
Yes, it was very close to me. The nightjar was just so
cute. The nightjar from a distance. ( below )
Now, I did not want to disturb it too much so I
moved on. I walked, and walked, and an emigrant,
yes, an emigrant ( butterfly ) bobbed by me. Again,
leading me to something. Just at the spot that it
disappeared, a blue zoomed pass me. It was a
cycad blue, rather common in S'pore. Yes, they
are common, but then why do I call it a highlight?
That's coz' of my photos. At that time, it was rather hot,
so the blue was sunbathing, and I got this shot.( below )

I took many more images, but this was probably my
best. Well, Maybe not. Here's another one ( below )

Okay, this might be a little abrupt, but that's the
end of my post......

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