Friday, 1 May 2009

Maybe the SBG is a better place

Okay, just another trip to the Singapore
Botanic Gardens ( SBG ). So what? I
often go there, and there's the same things,
but always, a surprise. I seemed to love going
there after the incident of the blue winged pitta.
This time, the treat is about butterflies. I was
chasing a chocolate pansy, one of S'pore's most
common butterflies, and got this lovely image
of the pansy. ( sunbathing, below )
The butterfly did come to puddle on my foot,
it felt kind of ticklish. Then not long after, this
skink came into view. ( below )
Okay, all the action starts now. Drawn by a male
common birdwing, the rare and elusive common
rose caught my eye. I looked again, could it just
be the very common common mormon? No! Its
body was orange. I did not manage to get its picture
taken but at least I saw it. Then a common palmfly
fluttered beside me. Well, palmflies are common, but
I have never gotten so close to one. Snap! ( below )
Then, a butterfly distracted me. As I was rather
sweaty it landed near me probably thinking if it
should come and puddle on my head. ( below perching )

The photo was taken from below, and now, again,
a butterfly distracted me. No. It was not only one, it
was a pair of mating grass yellows. I couldn't
identify them as they were quite far away. My
image ( below ) is not sharp coz' of the distance.

Now, time to go. As my sister was evaporating,
yes, she was parched. So, we went home.
If only everyday was like this.......

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