Thursday, 30 April 2009

Life History of the Common Mormon Interrupted

Think about it, a life history of a butterfly,
eclosure ( the butterfly emerging from it
pupa ), a wild specimen, is is simply
wonderful. I have always dreamed of
making a life history, and now here's the
story of a peculiar happening to my dream.
It all started after a party at my Aunt's house.
( already home ) I was just looking out of my
house when I spotted a female common mormon
butterfly flying around some plants. I was eager
to get its photo taken so I rushed down to where
it was. When I came, it was still there, gliding around.
Then I noticed it sort of landing one of the plants
( curry plant ) and trying to oviposit, as below.
Sorry, but you might have to click the image to
actually see the butterfly, as my camera had very
little battery by then, not even enough to zoom in.
Well then, getting excited? Let the life history begin!
This is the egg.( sorry that you have to click it, my camera
can't do super macro )
The egg is 1mm. Below: 1st instar caterpillar.
Below: 2nd instar caterpillar?
Later in stage? Sorry that this may not be accurate, as
I have not seen post on the common mormon

Getting bigger......
And then,.

Finally! The final instar! It's gonna pupate!!!
I was all agitated, excited, as the caterpillar was
already at its final instar! It did move back to the plant
later on. I know, everyone is excited, all the action comes,
but sorry, something awfully terrible happened......
The next day it was there moving its head. Was it saying
goodbye to me? I am very superstitious, so I was sad
( coz' I thought it would die )
It rained when I was having lunch out. When I came back,
I wanted to check if the caterpillar had pupated. It was not there...
I looked everywhere, as it could be a pupa. Nope... No sign...
I was so sad that I went back home sitting on the sofa
and nothing could make me happy. There was no more

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