Saturday, 11 April 2009

Oriental-Pied Hornbill !

It's been so long since I last went to the Changi Beach
park, so, I decided to pay the lovely place a visit. Wow! It was
really hot there!( I wanted it to be like that ) The first bird I saw was
the rock/common pigeon.( obviously ) Then, I walked on. There was
a quite a number of common mynas hopping along the beach. A male
striped albatross( the butterfly ) was fluttering around, and stopping to
puddle. I then started on the board walk. I could hear common ioras( a bird )
singing, and lime butterflies flying above me. The rest of the walk wasn't that
interesting. Until...... The white-bellied sea eagle swooped by over the water
and grabbed a large fish for a meal. Okay, the walk went back to being
uninteresting. So, I headed back to square one. On the way, a
common sandpiper showed up.
( the image is not very clear as the bird was not very close to me and I had to zoom a lot )
Asian-glossy starlings flying from bush to bush, there was no
sign of a single plover. Back to the main stretch! I started running down the
beach, just having fun...... It started to drizzle...... Well, that did not stop me.
When I was walking back, I found this dazzling beetle( sadly, head chopped off )
Its wing cover was emerald green. The photo below shows the underside.

Now, all the excitement begins! Prepare! ......
There was a large dark area in one of the trees. What could it
be? After I got closer to it, I found out that it was a ORIENTAL-PIED HORNBILL!
Were my eyes playing a trick on me? I could hardly believe myself. The bird
has re-colonised in Singapore, recently last year. A small population breeds
in Singapore. Good thing I came to Changi to record it! Here are two images( below )

Well, it was time to go. My head was still spinning around,
coz of that hornbill.


  1. Airconstars: Nice Blog Bluebottle! Did not really read carefully yet but looking at the images, not bad!

  2. Thanks for commenting, sister. Make up your mind, are you Isabel or Airconstars?