Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dark Brand Bush Brown

We ( me and my family ) had just come back home
when I noticed a dark butterfly resting high on
a wall in the car park. The car park holds quite
an amount of wildlife, and I often see carpenter bees,
honey bees, mynas and sometimes, butterflies. I
rushed home with my camera, hoping the insect
won't fly away. When I came back down, it was still
there. upon closer observation, I found out that it was
a dark brand bush brown. The dark brand bush brown
is the most common Mycalesis butterfly in S'pore,
and very often mistaken for other Mycalesis bush
browns. The butterfly did not flee by my appearance,
and I was only about 15cm away from it! Here is my best
photo of the dark brand bush brown ( below )

Although it was my best, it is still not very sharp.
This is because the brown was behind a plastic
partition and plastic wasn't very clean. After a
few more shots, I ran back home as my mother was

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