Thursday, 24 September 2009

I am BACK!!!!!!!

Oh I haven't been posting for such a long time!
Well never mind! I'm BACK! Yes, and that means
I'll update my blog VERY REGULARLY!
Anyway, I've got a story to tell. On the 11th
September, I,(with my sister and mother) went to
JURONG BIRD PARK! Yup! We did. So, the story:
We headed to the park at around 11am . The first exhibit
was the African wetlands. I'm going to skip it, and allot
more. So we got to the Scarlet Ibises which are sooo
stinky. But I managed to get this rofous night heron.

And SSSKKIIPPPP! Now we're at the Lory loft, which
is the favourite to many.I too had some fun.

The next I'll talk about is the HORNBILLS.
All of them look so interesting, and colourful.
They may look ugly, or a bit weird, but I like them.
The oriental pied hornbill,(that I encountered earlier
on,) is the only wild hornbill in S'pore.

Sometimes, hornbills even look a bit majestic.
Though the birds that are really majestic are the
BIRDS of PREY. They are vicious predators of many
other animals and birds. Here at the bird park, the
White bellied fish eagle is lookin pretty good.

He's yet another wild S'pore bird. Okay, the ibises,
lories, hornbills and B. O. prey have always existed in
our bird park, but here's something new! The BIRD
DISCOVERY CENTRE! That's where you learn almost everything that you need to know about birds. The part I like most is section on bird paintings. These aren't jut any normal bird paintings. They, don't just use paint they even use a few real feathers of that species .

Next door to the centre is the JUNGLE JEWELS.
The birds there are clearly enjoying the friut provided.
The SOUTH-EAST -ASIAN BIRDS aviary is another of my
personal favourites. Below, are the Nicobar pigeon and the
pink necked green pigeon, a very common Singaporean

Then, we headed for the pelican cove.( my sister likes
pelicans ) Yes I like pelicans too, but not as much.
Really nothing, for a bird park post, would do better than
some flamingos to end of with.

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