Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Birds of Paradise

It's me again. I'll be writing about the birds of
paradise. There are 43 species of them. Many people know them in general
as " Birds of Paradise ", but few go deeply into the subject.
I will be posting a series of birds of paradise articles,
and today's is of the plumed birds of paradise. ( the
basic ) Warning: The photos are all found from the web,
only the lesser bird of paradise I took. Okay let's start.
When people say "birds of paradise", they are usually
referring to the LESSER BID OF PARADISE. (below)

This is an example of a plumed B.O.P. In their display,
around four or five males gather in a tall tree, and
spread their plumes all over, calling, jumping around
and flapping their wings. Many people, also think that
their plumes, come out from the tail. Instead, they sprout from
just above their wing! The RAGGIANA BIRD OF PARADISE,
is another well known species. (below)

Unlike the first 2, the GOLDIE'S BIRD OF PARADISE
isn't very well known. Even though it is near-threatened
with global extinction, it is no less beautiful.

I'm not going to write about every species, but only a
few. Many vote for the BLUE BIRD OF PARADISE as the
most beautiful of the family. Looking at the males display,
it is easy to tell why.

All plumed birds of paradise live in the forest canopy
of New Guinea and Indonesia.

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