Thursday, 22 October 2009

BTNR again

PSLE marking... Yes. That's why I went to BTNR.
This time, I was in luck. Okay, when we just got
there, 2 magpie crows were flying around. I didn't
manage to get a photo of them. Moving along, I spotted
a bird that I had never seen before. The lesser racket-
tailed drongo. It was looking for insects to eat.

Walking walking, and walking. After the drongo, there
wasn't anything interesting. Except this weird looking
insect that looks like part of the plant.

Then all of a sudden...... "A shoe buckle!" my sister
shouts. I went to take a look. On the ground, there was
a shoelace. Just then, it started to move. It was a snake.

I really don't Know what type it is, but it is very
small. Like the length of my foot.

My foot is around 20cm, so that's a small snake.
Then, a common posy fluttered around me. It
was hard to shoot as it kept moving and didn't allow
a close approach.

Hope I get better shots of it next time!

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