Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Birds of Paradise 2

Some more birds of paradise! The images are found from the web.Well, this time,
were learning about other types. The paradise
crows, manucodes, paradigallas, astrapias and last but not least,
the parotias. Birds of paradise's closest relatives are
surprisingly the crows! The paradise crow is a medium
sized bird of paradise, that looks a lot like its ancestors.

Another crow like bird of paradise is the manucode.
Manucodes are large glossy birds. In their display,
they fan their wings out and call loudly. Below
is the curl crested manucode, the largest manucode.

Manucodes, unlike other birds of paradise, are
monogamous. That means the male can only have
one mate, and he heps out in building the nest and
rearing the young. Paradigallas, are some more strange
birds of paradise. Below is the long tailed paradigalla.

Now the astrapias. They are some of my favourite
birds of paradise. Even though they are black like
manucodes and paradigallas, they are much more
attractive. With the long tails
and glossy throats, there's no doubt
they are so beautiful. The male ribbon tailed astrapia
has longest tail feathers( to its body size ).

The Princess Stephanie's astrapia is just as attractive.

Lastly, the parotias. Many people would have seen
them on sites like YouTube. They have six long wires
sprouting from their heads that are tipped each with
a bob. Their specialized flank plumes are raised during
the display. Below is the Lawe's parotia.( perching
and displaying )

Well, that seems to be the end of this post.

P.s. photo
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