Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wildlife outside my house1

Outside my house, There's lots of wildlife. Yes, mainly
birds. Probably the most common bird in Singapore,
the Javan Myna is always visiting the Mac Arthur's palm
at my place. However, the palms aren't very close and my
camera can't zoom so well, so for me, getting a good photo
of the mynas isn't easy.How I usually do it is to put the lens
right in front of my binoculars. Then I look for the bird and
try my best to keep still as I shoot. I don't have a tripod.
This doesn't always work though. Sometimes the bird flies
away when I'm adjusting, or I just can't find the bird.

Around the Mac Arthur's, there are many others.
Plantain Squirrels, Asian glossy starlings, Black naped
orioles, common goldenbacks and banded woodpeckers.
Black naped orioles, Are rather large and conspicuous.
Their distinctive call is also very loud.
Asian koels used to be frequent.

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