Saturday, 1 May 2010

Flowers of the Tembusu

Today we went to KRP. The sky was rather clear,
unlike the recent days. A nice surprise when
we got there was these tembusus. In fact, we did not
realise that the trees were the tembusus until we
saw them......... In bloom! The whole tree would be
covered in the cream-coloured flowers.

There were, say, around 50 of them, and every
single one was flowering. It was really a sight to

The flowers were simple, five-petaled. They were
creamy-white, yellower towards the center.
These flowers are fragrant, especially in the
evening, to attract night-going moths for pollination.
The trees flower twice a year, first around May,
then second at the end of the year.

... But it wasn't just the moths that help pollinate the
flowers. I found this common mime drifting among
the blooms. However it was far and I could not get a
good shot.

The branches also had lizards climbing among
them, mostly changeable lizards. Birds such
as yellow vented bubuls, collard kingfishers and
sunbirds were flying around the trees too.
Some of the flowers were already drying up.

Soon, the trees would be covered in red berries,
another wonderful thing I wish to see.

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