Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mothers' Day Walk

Yesterday it was Mothers' Day! Yessssso! We went
to SBG for a walk. Here and now, I introduce my
new friend, Scarlet.

Around the lake, I saw another white breasted
waterhen wading around in search of food.

This is my best shot of the plantain squirrel, as it
is very skittish and hard to approach.

Hopping in the distance was this lovely magpie
robin. Ever since I first saw them at the Bird Park,
I have always liked these cuties very much.
With a centipede in his mouth, I caught him running,
just before flight.

He made a direct flight for the nest, despite the
people below. The nest was low, made in the bark
of a palm.

Later on, when I was chasing skippers near the
forested area, I saw something resting on a leaf.
At the first sight, it looked like a small morpho,
but you can't find morphos in S'pore. It was a bamboo
tree brown.

These fellas are very skittish, so this was the best
I could get. The skippers? They were banded demons.
small and very cute. After chasing this one for a long
time I finally got a good shot.

That was the shot of the outing. To end off, I'll
put this greater racket tailed drongo that was high
in a tree.

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