Saturday, 30 July 2011

Best of the June Hols

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting for such a long
a long time. I have been pretty busy with my studies. Oh
well, during the June school hols I managed to snatch a few
weekend to go out and shoot. I have compiled a few of my
favourite shots here.
1) Yamfly
This is my favourite shot from the hols. It was shot at Dairy
farm. It is reddish orange on top, and yellow orange below. They
usually come out to sunbathe at around 4 pm, and that was when
I got this record.
2) Peacock Royal
This is my first time I saw this beautiful butterfly. The
upperside is royal blue. I love the creamy background of
the shot and of course ... ... the cute butterfly!
3) Common Caerulean
This is my first good shot of a jamides butterfly. They
tend to fly non stop and only rest for a shot period of time.
I was lucky one morning when I found this pristine male
4) Common Tit
The common tit is a common sight in Singapore. I
found this one at the Sun Plaza Park where there
where many females laying eggs on the ixora plants. This
shot shows an 'orange form' female.
5) Long Banded Silverline
This is a very pretty butterfly. It flies at really fast
speeds. At the Tampines Eco Green park there were a few
of these zipping around the leea rubra flowers. I like the
four tails 'radiating' from the hindwing in this shot.
That is pretty much all I have so,
The End and please comment.

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