Saturday, 27 August 2011

Potanthus Mingo !!!

A month or two ago, I found this strange looking skipper
deep inside the central catchment forests. The dark shading on
the edges of the orange spots was unusual so I decided to chase it.
After I got home, Uncle Seow, the butterfly ID expert told me it
was the potanthus mingo. - A new record for Singapore!
The identity was confirmed by this shot showing the
upperside. However, even more recently, a few old
potanthus shots that some butterflycircle members dug up
also showed p. mingo! In fact, p. mingo had all along occurred
in Singapore. Perhaps the early researchers overlooked them.
Now, there are at least 3 more 'new' potanthus species
identified from old shots! As common or normal they may
seem, these butterflies should be documented in detail
and I'm sure there are many more out there waiting to
be seen or dug up. :)

The End

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