Friday, 9 September 2011

Aristolochia Tagala and the Common Birdwing

I'm back with my latest painting, which features a vine
called aristolochia tagala and it features the common
birdwing ( troides helena ).

The common birdwing is the second largest
butterfly in Singapore and the females easily take
on a wingspan of 180 mm. It is a CITES protected
butterfly, as all other troides species. In Singapore it
is uncommon but always stays around its hostplant,
aristolochia acuminita , but may also use a. tagala.
The painting is in oils on a 11 by 14 inch canvas and all
the elements are life sized.

the End.


  1. Your painting is really good, I must say!

  2. Thanks Shawn! Painting is fun ; you should try it too! :)

  3. Great! This painting is so true to nature!