Saturday, 17 September 2011

Oriental Pied Hornbill

Back in late 2008, The long- lost oriental pied hornbill
recolonised in Pulau Ubin, after many years of absence
from Singapore. Shortly after, in early 2009, sightings of
the bird spread to the mainland. Most of them were at Changi.
I did see a pair there, in that same year. But now 3 years later
the hornbill is very widespread here.
Every morning, about 9 - 9.30 am, a noisy group of
4- 6 birds would gather in the trees at Upper Seletar reservoir-
which is all the way to the North of Singapore! Though they
stay high up in the canopies, they are easily heard and
located. A very good spot to look for them is right at the
car park (B) ! A group of 4 oriental pied hornbills gather
in the rain trees directly above the car park.
In fact, the hornbills have spread even more recently
and there have been sightings of them in Bukit Timah,
in the centre of Singapore. The birds seem to be doing
pretty well and they are surely getting more common.
The reason this species is able to recolonise here
in Singapore where it previously went extinct is probably
that it is adaptable. It is one of the only hornbills that does
not require a pristine forest habitat. However, others that
live in Malaysia and Borneo are very vulnerable to global
extinction : if the forests disappear, they will vanish too.. ...

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  1. beautiful!!! I only seen one of them in Pulau Ubin before!