Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Oh' Farms Butterfly Lodge V 2.0

In August 2008, a small butterfly aviary was opened
in the Oh' Farms in Sembawang. The lodge served as a
classroom for many schools, whose students went on
trips there to learn about butterflies. It was very successful,
and now it is bigger and better than ever!

The butterfly lodge houses many common urban
butterflies and now many new ones have been added.
The newly 'renovated' aviary is more than twice the size of
the original. It is also taller to provide an even more
spacious environment for the butterflies and for the people.

There are many species of butterflies flying happily
inside the lodge. Mottled emigrants, common grass yellows
leopard lacewings thrive. The lodge also offers many other
butterflies, such as blues ( lycaenidae ) and even skippers
( hesperiidae ) can be found. This is wonderful as not
many butterfly farms house these butterflies. Of
course there are the large showy species too!
The aviary is also filled with lush foliage. Butterfly host
plants and nectaring plants make up the bulk of them, but
filler plants have been added too. Bidens plants cover the main
planters with their lovely flowers and are a favourite among the
The lodge is definitely worth a visit and you will keep
coming back for more! The entrance fee is only $4, for an
unlimited time inside to enjoy the butterflies!
There is also a great variety of species there, here is a list,
but do bear in mind that there may always be more additions:

.common mime
.common mormon
.lime butterfly
.mottled emigrant
.lemon emigrant
.orange emigrant
.cabbage white
.striped albatross
.common grass yellow
.dingy bush brown
.plain tiger
.leopard lacewing
.the leopard
.autumn leaf
.chocolate pansy
.peacock pansy
.blue pansy
.pea blue
.potanthus species (skippers)

The Oh' farms are located within the Nee Soon
Agrotechnology Parks. The address is 14A, Bah Soon Pah Road,
(Sembawang ). The butterfly lodge is nestled right near the
entrance. Do visit it!!! :)

(pic no. 1: leopard lacewing
2: lime butterfly
3: blue pansy
4: chocolate pansy
5: striped albatross
6: common mormon
7: plain tiger)

The End.


  1. Lovely pics! And good info...

  2. Fantastic shots!
    Bluebottle, you are really a talented photographer!

  3. Thanks Everyone! The butterfly lodge does have many good opportunities for photos.