Sunday, 8 April 2012

Common Posy

When I walk into any forest here in Singapore, it is
usually quite hard to avoid these little fellas. The common
posy is abundant here. They always seem to flit around
close to the ground, and are very wary. The slightest movements
scare them off!
The male common posy has dark brown forewings above,
but the hindwings are a bright shimmering blue. The
females are pale brown on top with a blueish tornal
( where the tails are ) area. They are often seen sunbathing
in the late afternoon. They also like to drink the sweet sap of
the young leea indica shoots.

The End.


  1. Hell yeah, I've come across dozens of these, and they're one of the very few species that let me photograph them. Never seen them in india though.

    Gorgeous photo btw! :)

  2. Thanks Shawn!!

    Yes they are super common here.
    If I am not wrong, you do have a species of drupadia up there, I think its called the blue posy. It is really beautiful, but its very rare.
    I'm sure you'll bump into one soon!!