Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tajuria Dominus!!!

Just about a week ago, I chanced upon an unusual looking
pupa. It resembles the pupa of the white royal, but a few
of the patterns where different. When it finally eclosed at about
11.30, it turned out to be the rare tajuria dominus.
The patterns on the abdomen were completely pale brown
with mottled spots, unlike the white royal where the abdomen
section is white with diffused yellow patches. When it finally came
out, it revealed its beautiful shimmering wings. The deep black
visual brand was very obvious.
Here is another shot of the newly eclosed butterfly showing
off his iridescent upperside.
When his wings had dried and straightened out, he
looked very much like the tajuria dominus.
This royal was discovered in an urban park in 2006.
Sightings of it since then have been few and far between.
It is the smallest tajuria species here in Singapore, and also the
rarest. This is a good sign that they are still hanging in there
and surviving in Singapore.

The End.


  1. Thanks!! I was really lucky to have chanced upon this one. :)

  2. For the last butterfly, I'm just wondering, why does it look kinda 'plain'? (it looks sort of greyish) Can you explain why it's greyish except for the tips where it's a bright blue in contrast to the grey part?

  3. Your attention goes straight to the bright blue and yellow section doesn't it? That's a defensive strategy in which the butterfly urges predators to attack a 'false head', in this case the hindwing tip. It's far from the real head. And many butterflies come in different colours and patterns, some gaudy while others plain dull. I suppose that's part of their charm to me: their diversity. ;)