Monday, 28 May 2012

A quick walk at SBG

Today, after the Biodiversity Festival and the launch of
the amazing new caterpillar book by ButterflyCircle's Mr Horace
Tan and Mr Khew Sin Khoon, I finally felt the urge to get back out to
shoot. We decided to check out the newly completed side of SBG at
the Botanics MRT station. Not far from the entrance, we spotted a
group of bamboo tree browns at the bamboo clumps.
They were so hard to track, flying in and out of the thick bamboo
growths then landing deep in the undergrowth, and even harder
to photograph. The bamboo tree brown is an uncommon species
here. When I was trying to nail them, there were many
common palmflies that 'distracted' me. This is a male.
The most surprising encounter, however was this common
duffer. Contrary to what the name suggests, the duffer is very
rare here. I was shocked to see it there, and even more surprised
to see how large it was, since this was the first time I spotted one.
This is my pathetic record shot.
It was tattered and skittish but I was still really happy
to see this magnificent butterfly.

The End.

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