Sunday, 22 November 2009

Dairy Farm Nature Park

The new Dairy Farm Nature Park is totally awesome. Its
really the place for a butterfly lover and I have yet to see the
rare dark blue jungle glory there. Well, on my trip there, I
saw quite a few butterflies. We started at car park B. Walking
into the forest, chocolate grass yellows are always there to
welcome you. Here, pictured puddling with a three spot g. yellow.

Then, a passing swallowtail caught my eye. The blue helen!
I was really excited but it flew off into the canopy before long.
I did not have to walk very much before a glistening caerulean
showed up. I watched it for a while but couldn't shoot it as
it kept flying. Just then,(this is a moment of excitement) a rare and
sought after fluffy tit settled to sunbathe, as below.

It was awesome but like the the helen, it flew off shortly.
Feeding on plant sap a few meters away was a faded
common posy.
Notice that the tail has been cut off. Probably during a bird
attack. This shows how the tails can lengthen the butterfly's
life by tricking the birds into thinking the hindwing and tails
is the insect's head. After this was a lot of leaf litter, and yellows.
For a long time, the forest appeared completely still. There
were many common fauns along the way. Then, came sunlight.
The track had small rocks and had foliage surrounding.
That meant blues. First a common hedge blue puddling.
Then a pointed line blue. I snapped a shot while it was resting.

It too came down to puddle.

Now it is coming to the end, so there wasn't much. Not even
a chocolate grass yellow. We walked to right where we started,
and instead o the yellows, there was two male branded imperials
sharing some plant sap......

Well, That is the end of this post, so I hope you enjoyed
reading it!


  1. Hey people! Feel free to comment! Don't be shy! Come on...........

  2. I advice all butterfly lovers to visit the DFNP! You never know, you might find the dark blue jungle glory there!

  3. So it seems like the Dairy Farm Nature Park is a favourite for you since there are a lot of butterflies!

  4. Thats right! I love to go there but I do have a sister that does not like it at all, so most of the time I'm stuck at home. Not that stuck, just stuck.

  5. I saw a lot of lycaenids at the DFNP so if so maybe, Shawn, you might want to go there and photogragh them as your camera has a powerful macro.