Sunday, 8 November 2009

A day of days

I was up this morning when I saw a few small bees
flying around the front of my house. Here's a shot. I
don't know the exact ID, so please tell me in my Cbox or
on this post.

Outside my house, I spotted this little spider.
Again, ID please.

I have seen it before. It has an iridescent blue-green
head that looks purple at an angle. I had to go to my
friend's party today, at 2.30, so I left the house earlier
for lunch. It just so happened that we ate at a prata place
just next to the Lower Pierce Reservoir walk.( or something )
We had loads of time to kill so I went to take a look. My father
spotted a weird insect with long legs. I managed to get a shot of it.

What it actually is? I don't really know. I passed by
the ant plant, which is very distinctive.

Going on, I heard some noises. Rather far away, there
were many little birds flying around, presumably to
catch insects. I couldn't quite tell, but I am pretty sure
they were Asian paradise flycatchers, along with other
flycatchers. Below is a shot of a female. It is far away, so
I have circled it. Even then, it is hard to see its colours.
I know the photo is blurry, but I couldn't help it. :(
Here's another one.
After a while, we moved on. The sun started to shine
through the forest. About half a dozen sun skinks( I
think ) came out of their hiding places to sunbathe.
We had to leave.(remember? the party!) It was at
Safra Yishun Club, and I was going to be rock climbing.
At first, I didn't dare, so after a while, I went and had a
go. That's me.
I climbed pretty high, but did not reach the top.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the rock climbing wall really
towers. On my second try, I reached the top! It was
much harder higher up as there was less to grip.
On my third go, my father went with me. Below is a
shot of both of us reaching the top.

I made it all the way to the top. So did my father.
Coming down was much easier. It's like walking down
on a vertical wall at 40o . I hope to go there again.
P.S. : Okay, don't forget to tell me some ID!

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