Saturday, 28 November 2009

My New DSLR!

My father was really kind and bought me a CANON EOS D500!
It is totally awesome. It is 15 mega pixels. Anyway, Here are some photos.
Below is a ground nut flower I shot around my house.

I also shot this bougainvillea flower all dried-out but with good
quality bracts.

We also went to the SBG. That is where I took this male dawn

There were many spotted doves around, so I decided to
snatch a shot.

This post will end off with this pretty flower. (dunno what it is)

Please comment.


  1. BlueBottle, You are simply so lucky... You are only 10 and you already got one... Ive been waiting 4 years more and still haven't got one... Lucky You... By the way, it's EOS 500D, not D500. D(some number) is of Nikon.

  2. Oops. It was actually my father's Idea, coz I did not too badly for my exams.