Friday, 20 November 2009

Speedy Skippers

Have you ever come across something darting out from some leaves?
Or seen something like a moth? They could be skippers. Skippers are
butterflies with large heads and hairy bodies. Most have hooks
at the tips of their antenna and fly at high speeds. However, some
species fly similarly to bush browns, flitting around the ground.
One of the the more common skippers is the chestnut bob.

The palm bob is more common but is not featured in this post.
Below is the palm dart feeding on wild lantana at a forest fringe.

Some skippers look very alike so if coming across one, it is
better (I find ) to be patient and try to get a good shot of it first,
then when you are back home try to identify it on an online checklist,
with photographs. A beautiful skipper, the lesser dart.
If anyone wondered, awls and flats will not be included in this
post. This rare grass demon skipper's caterpillar feeds on the
turmeric, so it seems they like spicy food!

Well that is the end of this post and remember to look out for
skippers from now on if you don't!

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