Sunday, 18 April 2010

Botanics 17...Yipeee!

When I was at SBG on the 17th......
That day, my sis and my mum brought me
to SBG. While getting ready to start,( already
@ SBG ) this large moth came flying around.
It was soo lovely, that I thought it was a butterfly
at first.

I got that pic of it when it landed on one of the
wood sculptures in the vicinity. In the marsh
garden, it was really muddy. I got my pants soaked
with mud while trying to shoot this pointed line blue.
Walking around the swan lake, I do not know
how, but I spotted this spider. It was quite
colourful, and I managed a head shot.
Then, near the dell lake, my mother pointed this
ashy tailorbird out while I was busy chasing waterhens.
He was on a low branch just above me. In his beak
was a worm, and he was knocking it against the branch,
to kill the worm.

Here he is, perching proudly after his meal.

When we neared the forested patch, one of S'pore's
most beautiful birds showed up. The white rumped
shama. I went to BTNR many times to find him,
and there he was. This pic shows the white rump.

With bright orange underparts, glossy mantle
and wings, and the super long tail, the shama
steals the hearts of people who see it.( Him )
The tail is so long that I cannot show the whole
of it in the pic below.

It was a very successful day, but it began to look
darker... We were all parched so we headed for
the water cooler gazebo. From there we could see
a pair of collard kingfishers sitting on a coconut

Just when we were walking back to the entrance,
the calls of hill mynas caught our attention.
There were two in the tree, I managed to
get a shot of the lower one. This is the first time I
shot him nicely!

At the entrance, while my mother and sis waited
for a taxi, I snapped this shot.

Wow! I did rather well with bird photography
that day, and nailed some that I had never seen
before.... It was a wonderful day!
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  1. Wow Bluebottle, great variety of creatures you have there! You have taken perfect shots of the birds, especially the fantail. Great Work!

  2. Thanks Shawn. FANTAIL???? :P ( what fantail? )